How Are BC’s Supercluster Companies Supporting The Canadian Economy?

by The DermEngine Team on Oct 18, 2018

MetaOptima is partner with Change Healthcare to implement an intelligent dermatology network with the support of DermEngine and MoleScope for improved patient care across Canada. Rolling out in 2019, this is an exciting opportunity to extend affordable, accessible, and streamlined dermatology care.

The State of Dermatologist-Pathologist Workflows

by The DermEngine Team on Aug 2, 2018

Based on hand-written or manual documentation and communication systems, pathology labs and dermatologists alike are experiencing consequence of using outdated dermoscopy EMR software technologies. Discover the latest dermatology EMR solutions designed to simplify communications.

Is Your EMR Software Limiting You?

by The DermEngine Team on Jun 25, 2018

How does your dermatology EMR software support your practice? In order for dermatology software solutions to advance your practice they must be equipped with the most intelligent tools. See how on-premise versus cloud-based dermatology solutions are faring in the world of advancing digital health.

How Much Is Your EMR Software Costing You?

by The DermEngine Team on Jun 21, 2018

As doctors expand their practice, they have the opportunity to purchase from a wide variety of EMR systems. However, cloud-based and on-premise software operate so differently it can be hard to weigh their benefits. Read part 2 to discover the cost-efficacy and barriers on dermatology EMR software.

How Are You Keeping Your Patients' Information Safe?

by The DermEngine Team on Jun 19, 2018

How are you keeping your patient data secure? As technology rapidly evolves, this concern becomes intrinsically related to how health tech like dermatology EMR software are equipped to handle changes facing the dermoscopy industry. Read on to learn about the advantages of Cloud-based EMR solutions.

Achieving Dermatology EMR Interoperability In Your Practice

by The DermEngine Team on May 30, 2018

Dermatology EMR software is necessary for the documentation, organization, and maintenance of patients' medical data and histories. However, EMRs continue to lag behind the recent explosion of technology in the digital health sector. See how the latest dermatology EMR solutions are solving this.

The Benefits Of Cloud-Based EMR Systems

by Vladimir Ratushny on Apr 23, 2018

Cloud-based dermatology EMR software is set for rapid growth in the upcoming years. This article discusses the primary benefits of Cloud computing such as interoperability and data accessibility along with the challenges it must overcome for successful implementation.