How Are BC’s Supercluster Companies Supporting The Canadian Economy?

by The DermEngine Team on Oct 18, 2018

MetaOptima is excited to announce its partnership with Change Healthcare to develop and implement an intelligent dermatology software network with the support of DermEngine and MoleScope for improved patient care across Canada. Expected to roll out across British Columbia from 2019-2020, this is an exciting opportunity to extend affordable, accessible, and streamlined dermatology care to all patients.

In February of 2018, British Columbia was announced as the home of one of five superclusters across Canada.1  Now, MetaOptima and a select few other visionary organizations (BC Cancer Agency, TELUS Health, Providence Health Care, Careteam, and the University of Victoria) have been provided with the opportunity to revolutionize the Canadian healthcare industry with an intelligent framework for providing quality patient care.

Healthcare industry support network DermEngine

How Does It Work?
To provide a comprehensive, intuitive system, each organization was carefully selected for its proprietary technology or valuable resource it could contribute to the project. At its core, Change Healthcare’s cloud-based dermatology solution will empower medical professionals to provide teledermoscopy services to their patients via etriage as well as stay connected with their dermatopathology labs. Once submitted for review, medical professionals will utilize DermEngine’s intelligent algorithms to support their clinical decisions with evidence-based data relating to previous diagnoses and risk of malignancy of visually similar image cases.

Designed to support medical professionals at every step of their practice, this intelligent dermatology software provides the opportunity to:

  • Expedite urgent cases: Patients with concerning results can be expedited through the system to provide potentially life-saving care
  • Support clinical decisions: Artificial intelligence algorithms designed to be a valuable educational resource for deeper analysis of patient cases
  • Coordinate all medical staff: Hospitals, clinics, specialists, pathology labs, nurses, and managers remain connected at every step in their network.
  • Centralize documentation: Crucial patient information remains organized and documented for accessible, secure access across locations for comprehensive care.
  • Increase patient accessibility: Patients can submit and receive their results through the patient portal for further care and engagement.

How Will This Support Canadians?
Recently, studies have demonstrated the desperate need for a remodeling of the healthcare system for the benefits of both the patients and medical professionals. Dermatologist wait times are typically greater than six months, and patients remain disengaged from their healthcare provider. Since the early detection of skin cancer is essential to survival rates, it is absolutely necessary for patients to receive immediate, quality care from a medical professional.  Similarly, nearly 50% of a healthcare expert’s time is dedicated to desk work. With an ongoing dermatologist shortage, it is absolutely necessary that dermatologists focus on their patients- not their practice.

DermEngine network

The Future of Canadian Healthcare
With the implementation of this intelligent dermatology software, patients will be empowered with the tools to remain connected with their healthcare professional while receiving the streamlined, quality care they need. Here at MetaOptima, our vision is to develop world-class intelligent healthcare solutions to do just this. We look forward to the opportunity of supporting Canadians in their continued skin health and beyond while helping BC's digital health supercluster become a world leader in advanced, intelligent healthcare solutions.

-The MetaOptima Team

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