MetaOptima: A Vision to Reality Awards BC Applicant

by The DermEngine Team on Mar 8, 2018

MetaOptima has applied to PwC's Vision to Reality (V2R) award program for our intelligent dermatology solutions. Every year, PwC looks for the most forward-thinking organizations in the nation to join their vibrant community of innovators and become part of Canada's story.

The Latest Advancements: Artificial Intelligence in Dermatology

by The DermEngine Team on Mar 2, 2018

Recently, there has been a considerable amount of hype surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) in dermatology. This article focuses on examining the accuracy, benefits, and applications of smart algorithms in AI developed by IBM Watson, Stanford University, and MetaOptima.

Insight into AAD 2018: The Value of Teledermatology

by The DermEngine Team on Mar 1, 2018

During AAD 2018, scientific sessions were held for a wide variety of relevant dermatology topics. One meeting focused on the importance of teledermoscopy towards delivering care to diverse populations. Click to see the highlights from key speakers and the direction for future innovations.

MetaOptima: a Part of BC's Superclusters

by The DermEngine Team on Feb 23, 2018

This month, the digital technology supercluster was chosen as one of five to receive federal funding. With support from federal government for innovations like DermEngine, Canadian ecosystems will flourish with innovation and economic growth, with a GDP growth of $15 billion over the next decade!

Dermoscopy: Top 10 Reasons To Update Your Dermoscope

by The DermEngine Team on Jan 23, 2018

Dermatoscopes are valuable in the dermatology industry through advancements like integration with artificial intelligence. Medical professionals are now able to connect their dermatoscope directly to their smartphone/tablet for high-quality imaging for conditions like skin cancer.

Digital Dermoscopy: Top 4 Enhancements for your Device

by The DermEngine Team on Jan 12, 2018

See how digital dermoscopes offer features like polarized imaging and interoperability with skin analytics platforms to ensure your practice is optimized.

Top 3 Benefits of Advanced Teledermatology Services

by The DermEngine Team on Jan 8, 2018

Top 3 ways intelligent teledermatology services are set to revolutionize healthcare in areas like skin cancer early detection and patient accessibility.