7 Key Tech Trends Dominating The Dermatology Industry

by The DermEngine Team on Jul 16, 2018

As the world of digital healthcare continues to evolve how have the latest innovations been adopted within your practice? With changes occurring so quickly they might be hard to identity. Read on to discover seven key shifts in digital healthcare with a focus on the dermatology industry.

MetaOptima Technology raises $8.6 million CAD

by The DermEngine Team on Jul 5, 2018

MetaOptima is proud to announce the successful raising of $8.6 million backed by Skip Capital & AirTree Ventures. Funds will be used to implement & build our intelligent dermatology platform, DermEngine, into the global dermatology industry beginning with Australia due to high rates of skin cancer.

Dermoscopy: 5 Key Benefits Of Non-Invasive Tools

by The DermEngine Team on May 9, 2018

Learn the top 5 benefits for non-invasive dermoscopy tools for the early detection of skin cancer. See how tools such as total body photography software and the dermoscope are essential for enhanced diagnosis accuracy and improved patient outcomes.

Top 4 Dermoscopy Tools To Optimize Workflows

by The DermEngine Team on May 7, 2018

The dermatology industry is rapidly expanding: Discover how intelligent tools like total body photography, content-based image retrieval, teledermoscopy, and clinic analytics will revolutionize the field of dermoscopy by enhancing workflows and optimizing patient outcomes.

Total Body Photography: The Latest Tools Part 2

by The DermEngine Team on Apr 13, 2018

This article discusses the current capabilities of total body photography software alongside its limitations. The work goes on to summarize how intelligent dermatology tools such as DermEngine and a dermoscope can greatly enhance imaging quality and patient outcomes.

Total Body Photography: The Latest Tools Part 1

by The DermEngine Team on Apr 9, 2018

Total body photography has become an area of growing interest in the world of dermatology. Systems such as DermEngine offer intelligent dermatology tools designed to further streamline imaging processes while optimizing analyses of dermoscopic images.

Big Data: A Guide For Non-Technical People

by The DermEngine Team on Mar 8, 2018

In recent years, big data has become a buzzword when talking about growth in the technology sector. However, there are still confusions about exactly what big data is. This guide will go through the core concepts and ideas behind Big Data and with the goal of keeping it simple