DermEngine Makes Noise At Dermatoscopy and Skin Cancer Medicine Symposium in London

by The DermEngine Team on Oct 23, 2019

Dermoscopy training: what comes to mind? Challenging those who would say “boring” or “exhausting”, the Skin Cancer Symposium hosted a 2-day power session designed to engage care providers with hands-on lessons, group sessions and quizzes for maximum effectiveness. 2019 brought a surprise twist.

What Is The ICDSCM?
Applauded for its interactive framework, the International Certificate of Dermatoscopy and Skin Cancer Medicine symposium targets beginners and intermediates in dermatoscopy interested in progressing their skills, taking you from “zero to hero” in 48 hours. From the building blocks of language, techniques and key decision making processes, the symposium offers all of the foundational aspects necessary to develop the knowledge and confidence to safely manage skin cancers in a clinical setting. 

The Test
One of the components that separates this symposium from other similar events is the learning style it offers. Rather than being limited to listening and documenting the teachings, attendees will take part in quizzes and group interactions designed to help them get hands-on experience with their new-found skills.

Before getting started with the symposium, attendees were tested on their ability to identify pigmented and non-pigmented lesions. Their score would then be compared to a second round of testing at the end of the symposium to compare how they did and show their improvements over such a short time. To add a twist, DermEngine’s award-winning image classifier was entered into the second test to see how it would compare.

Outcomes: The Power Of Education
Prior to receiving any additional training, healthcare providers scored an average of 47.3%, rising to 56.70% after their completion of the symposium. The first time DermEngine has ever been put to the test in a public setting in front of hundreds of doctors, attendees were blown away to learn the algorithms scored an accuracy of 73.3% on the challenging educational cases!

DermEngine AI Classifier Results London Symposium

This was a huge achievement in the world of dermatology, as it showcases the power of artificial intelligence for lesion identification. What’s even more exciting is the prospect of AI and GPs joining forces to promote more confident, evidence-based decisions. What could this look like?

How Can GPs Take Advantage Of AI?
With every 1 in 5 patient visits being dermatology-related, primary care providers are often overworked and under-supported, citing a lack of confidence due to minimal dermoscopy training. Enter Visual Search: a library of pre-labelled dermoscopic images available at your fingertips. Once a GP has taken an image of a suspicious lesion, they can input it into DermEngine’s Visual Search feature, where the algorithms will display images most visually similar to the submitted case. From here, the GP can review and compare the images to better understand the lesion in question to make an evidence-based clinical decision.  Rather than dedicating time to research key indicators or sample images of specific type of lesion, Visual Search becomes a digital library at your fingertips- your own personal clinical assistant.

DermEngine Academy: Education Made Accessible
Building on this integral idea of supporting medical professionals, we’re excited to announce the grand opening of DermEngine Academy! Free of charge, the MetaOptima team developed the Academy for both customers interested in keeping up with the new ways the platform can support them, as well as professionals that wish to learn a bit more about what we offer before joining.

DermEngine Academy Intelligent Dermatology Video

Split into three chapters, absolutely all of DermEngine’s features, tips and tricks are included, from capturing images on the DermEngine app and referring cases to your colleagues, all the way to building audit reports and using AI-based total body photography tools. Complete with videos, additional resources, and quizzes, audiences are taught how to use DermEngine to complement their practice workflows- not hinder them.

Key Takeaways
Rated a near perfect 5/5 by most attendees, ICDSCM is a shining example of how dermoscopy training and knowledge should be passed on. The MetaOptima team was honoured to be a part of the experience and take advantage of the opportunity to show GPs how artificial intelligence can be used as a clinical decision support tool. Working together, medical professionals can stay on top of their heavy workloads and focus on what matters most- their patients.

-The MetaOptima Team

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