Partnering With Skip Capital and AirTree To Develop Intelligent Dermatology Tools

by The DermEngine Team on Jun 5, 2018

The MetaOptima Team is thrilled to announce that Skin Capital and AirTree Ventures have  invested $US 6.5 million in our company to support our continued journey of creating and developing intelligent dermoscopy tools for smart skin imaging, analytics, management, and skin cancer early detection! This news is an incredible opportunity for MetaOptima, and the entire team is thrilled to work alongside, Scott Farquhar, Kim Jackson and Daniel Petre during this revolutionary time for digital healthcare.

DermEngine: The World's Most Intelligent Dermatology Software
DermEngine is a proprietary cloud-based platform for dermoscopy and skin care that serves patients, physicians and service providers. Powered by big data, this intelligent dermatology software is equipped with advanced deep-learning algorithms, sophisticated analytics and intuitive, user-friendly image archiving and management capabilities. 

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The secure platform offers clinical decision support tools powered by
content-based image retrieval (CBIR) algorithms. These advanced algorithms are designed to retrieve visually similar images from thousands of pathology-labelled images to a dermoscopic picture submitted by the medical professional. This tool supports the dermatologist in providing feedback and is a powerful educational resource for enhancing clinical decisions.

Goals For MetaOptima And DermEngine
Tools that take advantage of the growing applications for artificial intelligence in dermatology are at the forefront of change for Canada's digital health revolution. MetaOptima's vision has always been to develop world-class intelligent healthcare solutions to empower physicians and medical experts with advanced technologies for the early diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions such as cancer.

With this partnership, our company is equipped with greater support than ever before to turn these visions into reality for medical professionals and patients around the world. With skin cancer early detection and clinical decision support at the forefront of our mission, the MetaOptima Team is filled with excitement and energy as it starts its next chapter in empowering patients, enhancing workflows, providing accessible care, and equipping professionals with intelligent dermoscopy tools to provide life-saving care.

Maryam Sadeghi and Majid Razmara - MetaOptima

MetaOptima's Co-Founders
Founded in 2012, CEO Maryam Sadeghi and CTO Majid Razmara established a company dedicated to revolutionizing the dermatology and skin care industry with advanced, effective, affordable and intelligent tools. At MetaOptima, we not only take pride in our bold vision to save lives and contribute to better healthcare outcomes, but also work hard to build a successful company, and create jobs and develop tools that make the world a better place for patients, doctors, and businesses.

The upcoming weeks are going to be an especially important time as the company continues to develop with these new changes. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of our supporters for their continued wisdom and feedback which as made MetaOptima (DermEngine, and MoleScope) what it is today. We never could have done it without you! Be sure to stay tuned to hear the latest updates on our new-found partnership with AirTree and Skip Capital by subscribing below!

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-The MetaOptima Team

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