MetaOptima Conquers Day 1 At HIMSS 2019

by The DermEngine Team on Feb 12, 2019

The MetaOptima Team had a busy first official day at HIMSS 2019 in Orlando, Florida meeting with industry experts and chatting at our booth (#6884) about how DermEngine is pioneering some of the latest advancements in health IT with tools like artificial intelligence (AI) and interoperability.

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Extending to all sectors of digital health, HIMSS is the perfect opportunity for the MetaOptima Team to share how cloud-based EMR software like DermEngine are propelling the health industry towards future-oriented care. Taking advantage of the day 1 excitement of participants, Maryam, Majid, Manoel, Mandy and Jodi wasted no time beginning to network, explore, and showcase the latest features of our intelligent dermatology software such as the upcoming Smart Snap.

Where DermEngine FitsMetaOptima team discussing AI at HIMSS
With over 45000+ healthcare, tech and industry experts from all over the world gathering together, HIMSS is nothing short of a key opportunity to discover and become a part of the latest health tech trends predicted to set the stage for best practice in the health industry for 2019 and onwards.

As discussed in our previous post, What To Expect at HIMSS 2019, some of the biggest innovations set to conquer talks and showcases are security, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, big data and interoperability.  However, this shouldn’t be the first time that industry leaders are hearing about these innovations. In fact, MetaOptima is taking this opportunity to demonstrate dermatology software such as DermEngine builds on these ideas to present an optimized solution for all stakeholders involved in the care cycle, from GPs, dermatologists, and pathologists to the patients themselves.

What is DermEngine?
DermEngine is an intelligent dermatology software to assist in the imaging, documenting and diagnosis of skin cancer and other conditions that works seamlessly with MoleScope and other dermoscopes on the market. DermEngine provides quick and efficient mobile, tablet and web access to images, clinical notes and pathology reports via cross-platform accessibility for ultimate convenience.

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-The MetaOptima Team

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