Your Practice Will Evolve Over Time. Can You Say The Same About Your EMR?

by The DermEngine Team on Oct 24, 2018

Dermatology EMR is an essential component of ~80% of practices in the United States.1 As a clinic, hospital, or service’s needs expand or evolve over time, it is essential that all professional software supports these changes- not hold them back. Read on to learn three key reasons your EMR should always be scalable to your practice.

Scalability and the evolution of technology are designed to work hand in hand: as a practice adapts to new changes, it will require the software or tools to support this growth. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case; many dermatology EMR systems are outdated, requiring in-office installations, repairs, server updates, or costly updates. Even after all these efforts, the practice management software may not fit technological requirements (such as interoperability with other systems) or simply fail to suit the needs of the practice anymore. Now what?

Project Management Timeline for EMR Software

This leaves managers, administrators, medical professionals, and all employees in a very challenging position: stick with what they know, or risk a new EMR platform? Both come with inherent risks, as an already outdated system will continue to slow down the practice, whereas a new system may prove valuable, but require training and won’t be a guaranteed fit. After months of research, consideration, and effort, the dermatology software may not even be scalable, initiating an endless cycle of inefficient systems!

Three Key Reasons Your EMR System Must Evolve
To combat these very real challenges faced by dermatologists across the countries. An intelligent dermatology software should always be scalable to:

1. Reflect Practice Needs:  A practice management software is only as useful as the value it reflects for its users. The moment an EMR software for dermatology hinders practice workflows or creates unnecessary work, it has eliminated its purpose, and therefore any value. As a practice grows over time (new users, locations, or countries) the software must be able to address these changes and simplify them for optimized efficiency. A growing solution is implementing cloud-based dermatology software operating on the software as a service or "SaaS" model , which allows users to select or upgrade their plan based on their current professional needs.

2.Reduce Costs: Cloud-based EMR software are designed to address many of the traditional issues experienced with practice management platforms (such as installations, on-site servers, and physical updates). By implementing a cloud-based dermatology software, practices can receive immediate updates to the software to help ensure that the system stays up to date with the latest innovations. Additionally, by offering off-site servers, these technologies can remain protected against data corruption or physical damage while offering the latest security and encryption features.

Dermatology EMR software Scalability and Interoperability Needs

3. Save time: There are very few things more frustrating than trying to make an outdated piece of technology keep up with the latest advancements; what may have been an excellent fit for a practice 15 years ago will likely offer far less value and efficiency. As a result, time is lost creating challenging workarounds to “solve” the issues. At its core, an EMR software must be reliable and effective, and in order to accomplish this it must remain relevant and scalable to any changes that may face the practice over time.

Final Thoughts
Overall, dermatology, digital health technologies, and practice expectations are constantly evolving. To keep up with these demanding updates, a dermatology software solutions must be flexible, scalable, and designed to not just keep up with technology, but rather be at the forefront of its expansion.

-The MetaOptima Team

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