We Did It! MetaOptima Announced As A Ready To Rocket Winner

by The DermEngine Team on Mar 12, 2019

Every year, Ready To Rocket announces an exclusive list of BC tech companies set to make a measurable impact within the community alongside through their significant revenue growth. Today, MetaOptima was announced as one of 38 Ready To Rocket companies in the Digital Health sector!

After reviewing over 450 nominations, the 17th annual Ready to Rocket recognition list was officially released today! An insightful prediction on BC’s technology development for 2019 and beyond, this initiative covers companies in the ICT, Clean Tech, Digital Health, and Life Science sectors.

Health Technology Interoperability For Patient Care

What Is Ready To Rocket?
Ready to Rocket is a unique business recognition list that profiles British Columbia technology companies with the greatest potential for revenue growth. Each year, based on analysis of trends that will drive growth in the technology sector, Rocket Builders identifies the top private companies that are best positioned to capitalize on the trends for growth. Gathering increasing popularity over the years, this is an excellent opportunity for industry stakeholders to gain deeper insights into new technologies and business trends, while facilitating new relationships by bringing together recognized companies, leading investors, and support organizations.

Why It’s Important
Already recognized as a key achievement within the BC tech industry, Ready to Rocket’s business insights have proven to be accurate for selected companies:

  • Ready to Rocket businesses have exceeded a 50% annual growth revenue growth rate (on average)

  • Selected companies are more likely to raise investment capital, with many of the profiled businesses getting acquired

  • Since 2003, 35 featured companies were acquired within the year they were featured on the list

Where Does DermEngine Fit In?
MetaOptima’s proprietary product, DermEngine, is an intelligent dermatology software for the imaging, documentation and diagnosis of skin conditions including skin cancer. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), our smart dermatology system helps medical professionals manage their busy workflows with secure cross-platform access allowing them to focus on their patients- not the process. Recently, MetaOptima was selected alongside five other industry leaders  to collaborate on the Dermatology Point‐of‐Care Intelligent Imaging Network project

DermEngine cross platform iPhone Desktop Tablet
To qualify for nomination, a company must have more than $500K in revenue and a growing base of customers. The selection committee is looking for companies that have the potential for 50% to 100% growth in the coming year, and are in good position to leverage industry trends or key industry partnerships.

What’s Next?
MetaOptima is thrilled to be recognized as a key player in BC’s digital health tech industry. Moving forward, the entire team looks forward to continuing to meet its goals towards facilitating faster and more accurate care for anyone, anywhere. 

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-The MetaOptima Team

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