MetaOptima honoured to host the official BC Supercluster announcement

by The DermEngine Team on Mar 5, 2019

MetaOptima is thrilled to be the official host for the Supercluster’s Round 1 project announcement today at the company’s Vancouver headquarter offices. This event included Supercluster team members and the special presence of Mr. Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED).

Officially launched in late November 2018, the BC Digital Technology Supercluster is one of the 5 research and innovation centres located across Canada. Inclusive of an announced 950-million investment by the Federal Government, projects are expected to bring 13,500 jobs and increase Canada’s GDP by $5 billion over the next 10 years.

Supercluster impact on Canada’s economic development
The event that took place today is the stepping stone of several projects that will span over a 5-year period with one powerful goal: help Canada allocate skills and talent in order to place the country at the forefront of technological advancement and economic diversification. Being the hub for Digital Technology research and development, British Columbia has become the creative centre for investment into Canada’s digital future.

DermEngine demo with Minister Bains and Supercluster CEO, Sue Paish

Round 1 of the BC Supercluster project involves the introduction of each one of the selected projects. Alongside MetaOptima, Providence HealthcareTelus, Change Healthcare, Care Team and the University of Victoria are the companies and institutions chosen to collaborate on the Dermatology Point‐of‐Care Intelligent Imaging Network project. An integral component to the continued development of these local technologies, this patient-centric approach is set to modernize dermatology-related consultations and alleviate the current dermatologist shortage crisis both in BC and across the country.

“The Digital Technology #Supercluster work is about unlocking the potential of big data. Today we revealed the first seven projects of the Supercluster, which will help solve pressing challenges in Health Care, Natural Resources and the Industrial Sector", shared Minister Bains today with Supercluster authorities and its members. This comes as a reminder of the potential available from the close collaboration of different stakeholders within the healthcare market who can optimize their products, services and areas of expertise to bring success but also diversity to a growing economy.

MetaOptima’s contribution to the Supercluster
It is a privilege for MetaOptima to participate in such an endeavor with the clear objective of advancing healthcare access to a broader number of patients, bringing peace of mind in the fight against skin cancer.

MetaOptima’s proprietary software, DermEngine, is an intelligent dermatology software equipped with the latest AI tools for clinical decision support. Features such as Visual Search and Smart Snap are contributing to the vision of bringing powerful technologies to everyday workflows in and out of the consultation room. The patient-centric nature of the cohort project puts the cloud-based nature of DermEngine in the spotlight, as this technology can help reach underserved populations who may be at higher risk of a variety of skin conditions, including cancer.

The superlative collaboration initiatives among other Supercluster members in this Round 1 of the project implies the close interaction among the assigned teams for proper communication and organization of communal efforts to bring the development planned within the expected timeframe. In this regard, Supercluster project’s CEO Sue Paish noted “Over the next five to 10 years, the projects it funds are projected to create 13,000 jobs and increase Canada’s gross domestic product by $5 billion. No wonder the National Post newspaper recently described the Digital Technology Supercluster as being part of  the centrepiece of Canada’s innovation strategy”.

Maryam Sadeghi at Supercluster discussing MetaOptima's role in healthcare

In the same line, and with the greatest sense of achievement and expectation, MetaOptima’s CEO, Dr. Maryam Sadeghi added, “It is so exciting to have so many wonderful BC companies working together to create smart solutions towards helping Canadians receive quality care. The Digital Health Tech Supercluster is the first step towards empowering medical professionals and patients alike with the tools necessary to transform the entire care ecosystem- and it starts with these ideas here today. I cannot think of a better way to start then bringing innovators together to contribute their vision, talent and dedication to a brighter future. Thanks to Telus, Providence Healthcare, Change Healthcare, Care Team, the University of Victoria and the MetaOptima Family for coming together to do something truly amazing in the name of a brighter future!”

Watch the SuperCluster event hosted at MetaOptima offices

As Round 1 of BC’s Digital Tech Supercluster project unfolds, MetaOptima looks forward with great anticipation to the powerful contribution that technology will bring to the lives of millions of citizens within the province but also across Canada and around the world. The utilization of new discoveries and technological advancements for the well-being of fellow human beings remains the major driving force behind the many achievements the company is currently involved in and will continue to pursue in the future.

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-The MetaOptima Team 

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