Maryam Sadeghi attending Transforming Dermatology In The Digital Era in NYC

by The DermEngine Team on Oct 25, 2018

MetaOptima’s CEO Maryam Sadeghi will be participating in the 2018 Continuing Medical Education (CME) symposium taking place on October 25th at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre in New York City. As this year’s curriculum will focus on the potential of technology to advance the dermatology practice, Maryam will be joining a group of experts in the industry to share on the future of connected intelligent dermatology.

The 2018 edition of CME’s [Transforming Dermatology in the Digital Era] symposium comprises a series of lectures and industry sessions with clinicians and scientific specialists from various backgrounds to share on the updates happening in the field. This year’s program looks to provide a broader view on how medical informatics are giving a new perspective to traditional dermatology practice, with particular interest in skin cancer.

The course is expected to equip medical practitioners and computer scientists with the latest news on research areas such as the development of dermatologic photography and diagnostic imaging and their integration with modern EMR software. Additionally, the scope, benefits and limitations of teledermatology will be discussed in both, lecture and industry sessions.

Lecture sessions of the 2018 CME Transforming Dermatology In The Digital Era symposium.

Maryam will be sharing her vast knowledge and experience in digital health, talking about the future of connected intelligent dermatology. Her visionary approach to the complementation of technology in healthcare has put Maryam at the forefront of innovative research to transform the way professionals offer their practice and how patients experience it.

As CEO and co-founder of MetaOptima, Maryam’s continuous strive is to provide dermatologists with improved clinical decision tools that can revolutionize patient care. As a result of her efforts, since 2012 MetaOptima has designed and developed DermEngine.

This intelligent dermatology platform assists doctors in their daily practice through its dedicated teledermoscopy, total body photography and clinical analytic tools, among others. Additionally, the company's MoleScope mobile dermatoscope are practice and affordable devices designed to work seamlessly with DermEngine for accurate imaging and supported diagnoses.

Digital Health Solutions in Dermoscopy like DermEngine

Maryam, along the entire MetaOptima team, is excited to share the updates from her daily work about building a more effective, convenient and practical way for improved patient care outcomes in dermatology. It is MetaOptima’s privilege being able to contribute to the latest news in the field by partaking in Maryam’s expertise and passion for utilizing technology to save people’s lives.

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-The MetaOptima Team

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