Integration: Making Your EMR Work For You

by The DermEngine Team on Mar 11, 2019

EMR software (electronic medical records) is the basis of a dermatologist’s practice; it documents the patient’s visit, stores their medical history, and centralizes all associated media relating to their file. Why is it so hard to find a system that keeps up with current needs?

The Rise (And Fall?) Of EMRs
When creating a new patient profile, a lot of different pieces must come together in order to successfully document their information; the medical professional/practice must have access to that patient’s healthcare history, and remain accessible on a medical software while complying with all healthcare data storage regulations. Additionally, said information (of all media types) must be accurate, documented in an accessible format (more on this later), and accessible by both medical professionals and patients alike while remaining secure. Finally, does the system age well? For example, how easy will files be able to be located and understood over time in, say, six months? A year? To summarize, will the patient’s data work for you or just sit there until the next time it’s noticed?

Cross Platform Cloud Accessibility DermEngine

Unfortunately, reality demonstrates that many of these points aren’t being covered; research shows that 1 in 3 patient records cannot be found during an in-clinic visit.1 In fact, poor communication or lack of information results in as many of 30% of malpractice cases every year, linking to over $1.7 billion in lost costs and 1,744 patient deaths. 2

Integration: The (Much Needed) Facelift For Your EMR
What can be done? Surely, as one of the largest obstacles in the medical industry this must be overcome if medical professionals are to provide accurate, evidence-based care. A traditional solution is for a practice to adopt a new EMR. However, this will lead to imminent worries about costs, roll out, service fees, bugs, migration errors, and backlash. Alternatively, they can integrate with another medical software to give them the new features they need without the risks associated with “letting go” of their old system.

For example, practices have the option of integrating their primary EMR/EHR/PMS system with intelligent dermatology software such as DermEngine for the deeper analysis and management of important cases. In this scenario, DermEngine automatically connects with the previous medical system to send and receive data in real time- no timely uploads, no waiting, no hassles.

DermEngine EMR Ingetration Workflow

Integration extends beyond the simple concept of migration because it automatically transfers data between systems for real-time analysis and accessibility. Rather than stressing over an administrative nightmare, DermEngine allows you to keep all of your valuable medical data in one centralized solution while equipping your system with the latest tools in total body photographyteledermoscopy, and decision support (powered by artificial intelligence).

Offering the latest security measures, DermEngine’s cloud-based dermatology platform offers a convenient, innovative solution for practices looking to optimize their workflows without compromise. Unfortunately, as research demonstrates, EMR systems are struggling to keep up with the rapidly evolving needs of dermatologists and other medical professionals. Rather than waste countless hours on research, implementation, and unforeseen fixes, visionary practices are rising to the latest trend of integrating their medical software with supportive software such as DermEngine. In turn, staff become equipped with the latest industry tools, receive access to constant updates (to ensure the system never falls behind) and maintain their old system for maximized comfort and convenience. In a framework with efficiency and connectivity are a must, it is clear that integrative services is the next big step for the healthcare industry.

-The MetaOptima Team

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