MetaOptima Looking Forward To Showcasing New Tools At AAD 2019

by The DermEngine Team on Feb 21, 2019

AAD 2019 is just around the corner! From March 1st-3rd the MetaOptima Team will be in Washington, DC the largest dermatology conference in the US. Be sure to come visit us at booth #4320-  whether you’re a dermatologist, GP, or industry expert we have something for you!

One of MetaOptima’s flagship conferences, Maryam, Majid, Manoel, Mandy, Natalie, Jodi and Aaron are excited to have the opportunity to once again represent the company and showcase the latest tools and features of our intelligent dermatology software, DermEngine.

What Is DermEngine?
For those of you who are just learning about DermEngine, our dermatology EMR software is designed to support you in the imaging, documentation and analysis of skin conditions to ensure you’re supported at every step of the care cycle for best practice. Equipped with the latest features for total body photography, teledermoscopy services, clinic analytics, and AI-based decision support, DermEngine is a comprehensive suite designed to solve some of the most prominent issues faced by medical professionals.

MetaOptima Booth 4320 at American Academy of Dermatology 2019

What’s New Features Will Be Showcased?
This week the DermEngine Team was thrilled to release Smart Snap! Designed with efficiency and accuracy at its core, Smart Snap harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to provide medical professionals with a faster way to capture and assign images to spots. Comprised of two key tools, Smart Snap is set to revolutionize the way users think about their imaging workflows.

Smart Snap for intelligent dermoscopy imaging

1.Smart Recommendation: When taking a follow up image of a patient’s skin, the algorithms will recognize the lesion in the dermoscopy image and recommend which spot it should be assigned to. Rather than wasting time scrolling to find the correct spot, Smart Recommendation does it for you in a second.

2.Serial Imaging: Helps you save even more time by letting you take multiple images at once. A long-requested feature, Serial Imaging means users can take capture several images of a patient’s skin without ever changing screens for a simplified experience.


Final Preparations For AAD
Focused on anticipating and responding the evolving needs of dermatology, the American Academy of Dermatology shares MetaOptima’s core vision of equipping medical professionals with innovative, effective technologies and resources to continue the advancement of the practice and support optimized patient care.  As the MetaOptima Team works to complete the final steps before attending AAD, we’d like to invite you to book a time to chat with us (booth #4320) and see how our tools best support your professional needs. We look forward to seeing you there!

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