MetaOptima Preparing for World Congress of Dermoscopy

by The DermEngine Team on May 16, 2018

This summer, members of the MetaOptima team will be travelling to Thessaloniki, Greece for the 5th annual World Congress of Dermoscopy!  Although the conference is held from June 14th-16th, preparations are already well underway to get ready for this big event, where we will be showcasing the latest features of DermEngine and MoleScope II at Booth #22! 

The World Congress of Dermoscopy

Noted as one of the largest gatherings in the world for dermatologists, skin cancer specialists, and dermatoscopy tool specialists, the World Congress of Dermoscopy is a global scientific celebration, bringing together all passionate experts around the globe. The event boasts a large selection of scientific lectures, discussions, and three floors of booths designed to showcase the latest innovations in dermatoscopy, skin imaging,  trichoscopy, teledermoscopy, teledermatology, skin cancer early detection, and much more!

World Congress of Dermoscopy 2018 MetaOptima

MetaOptima: Showcasing the Latest in Intelligent Dermatology Software
Expected to be the highest turnout yet, the MetaOptima team is excited for the opportunity to showcase the latest features of DermEngine & MoleScope II while chatting about the latest tools for artificial intelligence in dermatology.

MoleScope is our mobile dermoscope designed to work seamlessly with DermEngine while offering high resolution images for an affordable price. DermEngine is an intelligent dermatology software equipped with the latest tools in clinical decision support (Visual Search), teledermoscopy, total body photography, and clinic analytics designed to enhance workflows and support you in every step of your practice. 

WCD2018_ Visit MetaOptima Team at Booth #22

This year, we will be holding an exciting new event designed to demonstrate how intelligent dermatology software can support your clinical decisions! As the event draws closer, we'll provide you with more information on what to expect, and how you can walk away with a FREE 6 month subscription of DermEngine! Everything you need to know will be posted in upcoming articles- so be sure to stay tuned! We look forward to seeing you in Greece!

-The MetaOptima Team

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