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by The DermEngine Team on May 6, 2019

Total Body Photography (TBP) is known to be performed by certain practices that have the financial luxury and space to invest in a premium medical tool. How can a greater number of practices gain access to this key piece of technology for the early detection of skin cancer?

Reports have shown that conventional total body photography machines can take up to 2 hours for a single total body scan1 - not to mention some patients’ discomfort with standing still and exposed for that length of time. If a practice serves on average 5 patients every hour in a 7-hour work day, one patient requiring a TBP consultation will interrupt other appointments roughly resulting in a 26% loss of patients seen. Total body photography is effective at identifying and tagging spots on high-risk patients with a high number of spots, but unfortunately, they lack practical implementation due to their time-consuming procedures and costly investment that have been argued to outweigh the benefits of the greater level of quality care provided.

Revolutionizing TBP with DermEngine
In the quest to save lives, DermEngine rethinks how total body photography consultations are conducted to promote the early detection of skin cancer. Rather than (a) investing in large and costly capital equipment, or (b) taking the time to manually capture, identify, and analyze individual skin spots for a thorough consultation, medical professionals are adopting DermEngine, an intelligent dermatology software that facilitates a mere ten-minute total body photography procedure that is estimated to save medical workers 92% of productivity compared to other total body photography machines.

DermEngine’s award-winning AI-powered algorithms play a large role in increasing practice’s workflow efficiency by acting as a clinical assistant that allows lesion mapping and lesion matching to be done on all lesions. These features compare and match existing spots on a patient’s body by with previous images, making monitoring and tracking moles easier than ever. Dermatologists, skin cancer doctors, and specialists are encouraged to work synergistically with intelligent technologies to flag, manage, and sort suspicious spots for prioritized in-depth monitoring. A revolutionary process such as this bypasses analyzing unnecessary spots in order to make better use of clinical resources to care for suspicious cases.

DermEngine’s artificial intelligence increases efficiency.

In a clinical setting, medical experts may use a smartphone or other mobile devices to take total body images. Likewise, patients who are unable to attend a follow-up appointment in-person have the option of using the MoleScope app to simply take their own images using the app’s guided template for total body photography. DermEngine’s real-time data transfer automatically uploads images taken on either the MoleScope or DermEngine app to the web platform for a more convenient analysis and consultation experience.
Thinking Ahead: DermDrone
MetaOptima continues to develop innovative technologies that enable accessible dermatology services to patients, while allowing medical practices to meet this increasing demand with smart and efficient medical tools. Building on DermEngine's successful total body photography process, DermDrone is being actively developed and tested to for a futuristic solution for total body imaging designed to achieve maximized accuracy and efficiency, reaching a new level of care.

Final Thoughts
Rather than dismissing the idea of implementing total body photography due to financial or physical constraints, medical experts are recognizing the benefits of quality and affordable cutting-edge technology to meet their everyday urgent needs. DermEngine offers the world’s most advanced total body photography solution that is used as a clinical support tool to aid in growing practices while providing better quality care for patients. This can be achieved by coordinating the efficient allocation of clinical resources and creating alternative revenue opportunities to achieve economies of scale. DermEngine’s affordable and intelligent total body photography solution empowers doctors with advanced and affordable tools to provide patients access to quality monitoring and care in the fight against skin cancer.

-The MetaOptima Team
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