DermEngine & MoleScope | The Value Of The Patient Experience

by The DermEngine Team on Sep 16, 2019

Every day, new, exciting technologies are released that support medical professionals in providing quality services to their patients. How can their success be measured? Efficacy? Affordability? Quality? All key indicators, there is one important piece of criteria that’s often missed: patient satisfaction.

As a patient leaves an appointment, how they are feeling- communication, services, peace of mind, care plan, knowledge and engagement are all factors that contribute to their own personal journey. More specifically, how are dermatology software and tools influencing this experience, and what can medical professionals do to provide patient-centric care?

At MetaOptima, we recognize that the patient must remain at the center throughout every step of the care coordination process. This means equipping them and their medical professional(s) with tools that promote:

How can the patient participate in their pare plan? The free mobile app ensures patients can add their spots and access their records anytime, anywhere.

For the dermoscopic images, it's hard to keep track of which mole is which if I photograph a few then go to upload them. The smartphone app is perfect for this.- John 
The 3D body map is much better than other apps' 2D body maps to place moles in a way that I can find them later. The fact that your app has a website where I can manage the data from my computer was a big selling point when I selected it. -Anonymous

DermEngine MoleScope Intelligent Dermatology Software Patient ExperienceEducation
Research shows that 70% of skin cancers are first discovered by the patient themselves or a loved one.1 Why not empower them with a mobile dermoscope that helps guide them through skin imaging and how to notice changes to their spots over time?

Thanks! This is going to be a great tool to track how my moles change over time. -Anonymous

I just love the molescope so far!! It works really well and I love the app! This is so helpful for keeping track of all my moles and weird skin issues! What an amazing product!!! -Shannon

Very quickly we were adopted because really the images are superb and it's very easy to use and integrates well into the practice system. When I'm teaching I can just take the whole case, screenshot, work it through the DermEngine photos, tell the story- it’s great for story telling, great for teaching, and the patients. For me, it’s been great and I am really pleased with the outcome now, where we are now with it, and it’s still evolving and there is so much more we can do with it." -Anonymous

Dr. Jason Rivers Interview On Intelligent Dermatology Software

Ease of Use
With at least 30% of physician practices looking to replace their EHR/EMR within the next three years, it’s essential that new medical systems rise to meet the growing needs for intuitive, flexible, and scalable tools to meet the needs of medical professionals and their patients alike.2

“The patients that I’ve had who had access to the MoleScope have found themselves using the devices happily. First of all, it's easy for them to use, they can take good images, and the images I’m seeing are very very crisp on my monitor.”-Anonymous

“Thank you again- I love this program. Quick, intuitive ever-improving.” -Dr. Ceridwen Lloyd, Adelaide Skin Cancer Clinic

“DermEngine is straightforward, it's easy to use and I really like it. When you go to each patient there is an avatar, where you can choose the place on the body you are taking the picture. I think that this makes our lives much easier, spending less time searching for information and you can go straightforward to your patient. I think that time is the most valuable thing, especially for doctors.” -Dr. Jason Rivers, Pacific Dermaesthetics

From the bottom of our hearts, we’d like to thank everyone who has taken the time to provide us with your feedback- whether positive or constructive, it allows our team to create an intelligent dermatology ecosystem that fits everyone’s needs with smart, effective, and affordable tools for patient-centric care

-The MetaOptima Team

Would you like to share your experience of how our intelligent dermatology software, DermEngine, or mobile dermoscope, MoleScope has impacted you? Share your thoughts below!

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