3 Key Benefits of Intelligent Dermatology Tools

by The DermEngine Team on Aug 16, 2019

The healthcare industry has been criticised for its use of stale practices due to its complex environment and resistance to change. However, current initiatives in dermatology are pioneering how technology can offer substantial improvement to provide streamlined care.

1. Timely Care
A familiar sight within healthcare clinics is the inevitable long wait times for consultations. It’s important for experts to find a solution that expedites consultations to deliver prompt care, especially when studies show that 9 out of 10 surveyed dermatology patients’ conditions worsened during long waiting periods at popular clinics.1 Fortunately, DermEngine, a leading intelligent dermatology software, facilitates the use of teledermatology in clinics across the globe to connect patients in-need with doctors sooner. Store-and-forward consultations allow patients to “skip the line” by giving them access to convenient care, while also supplying under-utilized doctors. The next step of innovative care is targeted towards automating the process of screening and prioritizing critical cases to truly deliver optimal care when it is needed most.

2. Intelligent Consultations

Now that patients are beginning to receive well-timed care, we can expect to see a surge in the number of patients visiting a clinic in a given day. How will we be able to match and sustain this sudden and overwhelming increase in patient demand?

Whether in specialized dermatology, or general care practices, DermEngine’s Visual Search feature provides award-winning artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and a database of tens of thousands of previously-identified images of lesions to bring clinical decision support right to your fingertips. The dermatology industry is beginning to see AI as an exceptionally intelligent assistant that is proven to be over 90% accurate when trained to identify cancerous lesions.2

Complementing Visual Search, DermEngine also provides the world’s most affordable and intelligent Total Body Photography (TBP) solution. Its unmatched efficiency in comparing images using Lesion Mapping and Lesion Matching are estimated to increase clinical productivity by a favourable 92% compared to other costly and bulky TBP equipment.3

Leveraging the power of AI with the efficiency of DermEngine’s advanced Total Body Photography solution provides top-tiered dermatology assessments that reduce the amount of time-consuming tasks performed by medical professionals on a daily basis. Still, for optimal AI effectiveness in clinical settings, medical professionals must work alongside this new technology to create a pattern of continuous improvement. By doing so we can expect to make smarter decisions while delivering faster and more accurate care in multiple dermatology sub-specialties.

DermEngine connects medical professionals with advanced digital documentation.

3. Advanced Documentation

Perhaps the most time-consuming internal process of a clinic is documenting each patients’ data and consultation stories, with some dermatologists spending nearly half of their workday dedicated to this task.4 However, when using the progressively popular and intelligent dermatology software, DermEngine, clinical users are able to streamline their practice in the most advanced way possible: lesion documentation no longer needs to be reserved for the consulting doctor, but instead, supporting medical workers within a practice can be empowered to log patient notes and forms through access to the online digital platform.

DermEngine’s cloud-based capabilities enables convenient patient documentation while keeping important data accessible and secure. Additionally, cloud storage eliminates risks of damaged, stolen or lost data alongside the typical clutter associated with traditional paper-based filing systems. Combining these small but effective abilities of remote connectivity add up to saving precious process time when tending to something as important as patients’ health.

Final Thoughts
The ways technology is influencing daily life are virtually limitless. However, in the dermatology field, these new trends are playing an even more crucial role as they pave the way to better patient outcomes with more accessible, yet less invasive and costly services. Limitations often associated with traditional medical software such as space, connectivity and time can be complemented with streamlined connectivity offered by cloud-based software such as DermEngine. Acquiring, documenting and analyzing dermatology data in real-time has a clear impact on shortening the time needed towards diagnosis, and in turn, helping to prioritize what matters most: patients’ lives.

-The MetaOptima Team

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