3 Main Benefits of Real-Time Connectivity in Dermatology

by The DermEngine Team on Jun 26, 2019

Diagnosing and treating a medical anomaly makes time a crucial variable. Skin conditions are no exception, with the early detection of skin cancer being the most important factor for saving patient lives from this disease.

The chances of survival can drastically drop for a patient whose diagnosis has been delayed by even a few weeks.1 Therefore, it is of utmost importance that medical professionals are equipped with immediate access to the patient’s most up to date medical history. Technology is changing the way patient data is collected, stored, analyzed and shared within dermatology practices allowing to leverage time towards improved patient outcomes. How can our intelligent dermatology software, DermEngine, help medical professionals achieve this goal?

1. Immediate accessibility
One of the most important aspects of having expedited analyses of skin conditions is access to the proper documentation of lesions. So much so that, the more time taken to acquire proper skin imaging, the more a diagnosis can be delayed. Biopsy can be an extra lengthy procedure adding up to belated treatment allocation. 

Having an electronic medical record (EMR) system that can synchronize images associated to a patient’s consultation at the time of capture signifies a clear advantage. Complementing traditional EMR software, DermEngine allows for the easy acquisition of overview and dermoscopic images through the dermatology app that are synced in real time with the web platform due to its cloud-based nature. This means every set of images accompanying a patient’s consult are accessible as soon as they are obtained and remain available in a securely encrypted database.

Accessible multidisciplinary point of care ecosystem for streamlined services

2. Improved privacy

Remote connectivity offers the advantage of storing images directly on securely encrypted cloud servers that are only accessible to authorized accredited personnel. Powered by the highest technology in cybersecurity, images flow directly from DermEngine to the cloud servers, leaving no traceable digital pathway behind, making it safe and secure for doctors and patients alike.

Traditional methods for acquiring lesion images have relied upon either professional cameras, or more recently, smartphone multimedia options. However, in both cases, there is a high risk associated with a potential compromise of patient’s identity as images are stored physically on such devices. Should an internal storage breach happen or even devices or memory cards be lost or stolen could represent a threat to the integrity of data. International privacy regulations demand for stricter guidelines in handling patient personal information.

3. Real-time updates and shares

Adjustments to a patient’s clinical history can be a daunting task to coordinate and accurately update. Traditional EMR systems struggle to reflect changes in real-time and even more so to allow the direct sharing with referring colleagues. However, cloud connectivity offers the potential to observe the changes that occur simultaneously as data is being analyzed and modified. This greatly simplifies the opportunities to easily share patient information in a secure yet immediate way with necessary healthcare stakeholders. Even more so, the instant connectivity capabilities allow for multiple professionals to analyze one single case at a time without having to be physically present in the same place. The limitless capacity of this technology can offer new workflows aiming to improve the way a patient’s case is handled by shortening the time needed from first consultation to diagnosis to final treatment.

Privacy is a priority when dealing with patient data

Concluding thoughts
The way technology is influencing daily life are virtually limitless. However, in the dermatology field, these new trends are playing an even more crucial role as they pave the way to better patient outcomes with more accessible, yet less invasive and costly services. Limitations often associated with traditional medical software such as space, connectivity and time can be complemented with streamlined connectivity offered by cloud-based software such as DermEngine. Acquiring, documenting and analyzing dermatology data in real-time has a clear impact on shortening the time needed towards diagnosis, and in turn, helping to prioritize what matters most: patients’ lives.

-The MetaOptima Team

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