Patient-Oriented Total Body Photography: A Growing Practice

by The DermEngine Team on Dec 10, 2018

Total Body Photography (also known as full-body imaging) is a widely recognized method for monitoring patients with a large number of spots or increased risk of developing skin cancer. Unfortunately, within this solution presents the challenge of requiring the patient to consistently visit the clinic for imaging sessions. How are dermatologists addressing this major challenge while ensuring that patients receive the care they need?A new generation of total body photography is focusing on a patient-centric approach to this valuable imaging method.  Equipped with a smartphone, patients have the opportunity to capture total-body images directly from their house. Using an associated dermatology app, the then patient has the ability to send the images electronically to a dermatologist for review.

Understandably, such new imaging tools raise questions regarding efficacy, imaging quality, and security. Dermatology apps such as MoleScope address these points with the following solutions:DermEngine app Total Body Photography Template

  1. Imaging consistency: A popular challenge associated with total body photography is the ability to take consistent images between sessions to ensure the ability to properly identify any potential changes to the skin over time. The dermatology app provides a set of “silhouette poses” that the user is meant to follow in order to ensure imaging consistency between sessions over the course of a few months or even years.

  2. Security: In an age where the continued security of patient medical records is paramount, it is essential that all medical technologies such as EMRs and tele-dermatology software are equipped with the latest security measures. For example, the MoleScope app stores images via cloud servers which can only be accessed via the password-protected app, meaning that images remain safe even if the phone is lost or stolen.

  3. Image Quality: As smartphones continue to improve, this ensures that the image quality of body part photos is a high enough resolution to be properly reviewed a medical professional. Additionally, with the attachment of a mobile dermoscope such as MoleScope patients can also capture medical-grade quality dermoscopic images to be associated with suspicious spots in an image for a more comprehensive look.

The Patient-Dermatologist Workflow
As a result of these innovations, patients are equipped with familiar, easy-to-use tools to support their skin health and the early detection of skin cancer and other conditions while the dermatologist gains the ability to better manage their patients and focus on care rather than imaging and administrative tasks. An example of how this workflow may look is as follows:

  1. The patient downloads the MoleScope app and takes full-body images with the support of a loved one.
  2. The patient sends the images to a dermatologist in their region for review of the images
  3. The dermatologist reviews the images and has the opportunity to request dermoscopic images of any spots that show potential for being a concern
  4. The patient uses the MoleScope dermoscope to add images directly to the associated spot for further investigation and consultation by the dermatologist

3D Body Map Poses For DermEngine Total Body Photography

As a result the patient remains engaged and educated in this care process while eliminating the need for lengthy appointment wait times, transit, and additional costs. In turn, the dermatologist is empowered with additional time to focus on the patient’s case rather than administrative tasks such as capturing and documenting images.

Although a concept only reduced within recent years, patient-oriented total body photography indicates a key shift in the dynamics of dermatology care; as technology develops, patients will continue to be equipped with a greater number of opportunities to take the monitoring of their health into their own hands. In turn, dermatologists are focusing more on addressing a wider demographic of patients with streamlined care while reducing time and cost inefficiencies to benefit both the patients and the overall healthcare system.

-The MetaOptima Team

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