How Easily Can Patients Access Their Dermatology Medical Records?

by The DermEngine Team on Oct 19, 2018

Dermatology medical records (EMR) are an important part of a patient's care plan, however until very recently patients often couldn't access their information. From 2014-2017, patients’ ability to access their medical records has jumped a whole 42%.1 This results in better informed patients who contribute to improved healthcare awareness. This article introduces the features contained in new dermatology software that help drive data sharing and empower patients to actively participate in their ongoing skin health.

1. Involved patients translates to better medical services
Traditionally, dermatology consultations are based on a limited exchange of professional expertise with patients. Either a matter of patients’ lack of technical knowledge to understand complex concepts or a doctor’s lack of time, it is not usual practice to involve patients in every step of a medical exam or pathology analysis. Absence of proper communication, however, can have detrimental effects in the way both sides deal with the results obtained.

With reference to a typical situation in dermatology, the inspection of a potentially malignant skin lesion and its proper discussion and handling are crucial for successful diagnosis and treatment. Not sharing the results with a patient can cause further stress and anxiety, which can negatively impact their reaction to subsequent procedures needed to counteract the disease. Similarly, on a dermatologist’s side, readily sharing results can expedite the treatment path to follow, according to the patient’s agreed course of action.
Conventional electronic medical record (EMR) software offer limited possibilities to store and share information with patients. Restrictions on accessibility are the main hindrance to making patients’ profiles available, added to the lack of interconnectivity and interoperability features. A change in paradigm was introduced with cloud-based EMRs that go beyond these barriers and allow the digital sharing of medical records in a secure and private way.
 Cloud-based EMRs offer tools for easy patient data sharing
2. Cloud-based dermatology software as a patient-inclusive initiative
The last few decades have been witness to the revolution brought by the immediateness and limitless reach of internet services. In a similar fashion, the implementation of interoperable EMR software has penetrated the healthcare environment. These software are part of the SaaS model where information is stored on third-party servers. Given their cross-platform connectivity, there is continuous access to data from practically any device, anywhere.
Dermatology software solutions, such as DermEngine, offer sharing tools to purposefully include patients in the information cycle all the way from sample retrieval by the dermatologist to the final pathological examination and diagnosis. Examples of the tools that allow the active involvement of patients include:
  1. MoleScope tool: the use of the MoleScope dermoscope combined with its dedicated phone app and web portal gives patients the ability to submit their own dermoscopy images for dermatologist’s analysis. Within a few days, patients can retrieve their online medical records and see results as soon as they become available.

  2. Notes tool: this feature offers professionals the chance to include their patients in the notes written for a diagnosis or pathological analysis of a case. This provides the opportunity to initiate a fruitful interaction to determine what symptoms have been experienced since the last in-clinic consultation and what the next steps will be.

Dermatologists can benefit from interaction with patients on a completely digitized platform


In a world of mainstream information sharing, the secure and private access to medical records is becoming an common practice in dermatology services, implying that patients have better access to their own data. Newly cloud-based EMRs software are greatly contributing to this purpose by offering solutions based on remote connectivity for streamlined data distribution. As new trends in technology continue to advance, dermatology EMR solutions stand out as the pace setters for driving patients’ right for access to their information that, in turn, directly impacts their lives and future.

-The MetaOptima Team
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