MetaOptima Proudly Concludes Their First ATA19 Conference!

by The DermEngine Team on Apr 16, 2019

The 26th Annual American Telemedicine Association (ATA19) Conference has officially closed! The MetaOptima team met with lots of medical experts and enthusiasts who were thrilled to discuss the latest teledermatology trends targeted at improving patient outcomes by facilitating a streamlined health ecosystem.
It’s always exciting to share how our products (DermEngine and MoleScope) contribute to the early detection of skin cancer, especially as we aim to collaborate with medical professionals dedicated to provide more efficient, accessible care with the power of teledermatology.

The 3 Pillars
MetaOptima strives to ensure that patients are receiving timely treatments by providing advanced teledermoscopy tools for medical workers to achieve optimal patient e-triage while focusing on three pillars. For those that were unable to attend the conference, below is a brief description of how the three pillars fit in with DermEngine’s goal of using teledermatology for early detection initiatives in the fight against skin cancer.

  • Efficiency: Streamline workflows to effectively declutter practices by reducing patient wait times with real-time skin documentation and Total Body Photography for expedited image triaging.
Total body photography improves clinical efficiencies.
  • Access: Provide more accessible care for new and existing patients by capitalizing on clinical efficiency and treating those in underserved regions using teledermatology.
  • Quality: Offer the highest level of quality care supported with evidence-based clinical decisions while optimizing your practice’s efficiency and accessibility.

The Latest Dermatology Tools! MetaOptima MoleScope III and DermDrone bring intelligent dermatology.
MetaOptima is constantly looking for ways to promote a patient-centric ecosystem. Our most recent developments are DermDrone for automating Total Body Photography, and MoleScope III our most precise dermoscopy imaging device yet!

Thank You's 
MetaOptima would like to thank all those who attended the ATA19 Conference for making it such a success. Your support in working to make quality care more accessible and efficient is greatly value and required in today’s overburdened health system. Together, let’s develop the innovative technology that’s necessary to keep patients at the centre of the care cycle. For more information about these progressive tools and features, be sure to visit us at any of the future dermatology conferences, or subscribe to our blog for the latest updates!

-The MetaOptima Team

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