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by The DermEngine Team on Feb 20, 2019

Our Australian team will be participating of the upcoming Professional Certificate of Skin Cancer Medicine this February 23rd & 24th in Melbourne. This course is designed to equip GPs with a powerful practical approach on how to diagnose and advise on melanoma and other skin conditions.

What does the course include?
The Professional Certificate is a two-day face-to-face interactive course comprised of lectures, case discussions and surgical practical sessions.

Day 1 is heavily focused on the theoretical side of skin cancer medicine with lectures by experts in the field, while Day 2 is dedicated to practical activities where a variety of common dermatological procedures will be performed on animal tissue samples.

This course is designed to be an in-depth yet attainable information and training session for all practicing GPs who are interested in developing a comprehensive understanding of skin-related conditions. In turn, this certificate is the first of a three-part Professional Diploma in Skin Cancer Medicine offered by HealthCert, a widely recognized institution accredited by the RACGP and MIA.

What’s DermEngine’s value for GPs?
DermEngine is the world’s most advanced platform for skin imaging, documentation and analysis. This cloud-based intelligent dermatology software offers the latest tools designed to assist GPs in their daily dermatology workflows at every step of the care cycle. DermEngine is equipped with cutting-edge technology for improved services:

  • Visual Search: this AI-powered tool offers enhanced clinical decision support for the early detection of potentially serious skin-related conditions.

  • Teledermatology features: allows for the proper health coverage of remote patients or those who are unable to come for an in-clinic visit.

With new features added on a regular basis, DermEngine is at the edge of the latest technology applied to skin care for the benefit of doctors and the well-being of patients.

Certificate of Skin Cancer Medicine - Practical Session

How does MoleScope complement DermEngine?
MoleScope is a mobile dermoscope designed to work in synergy with DermEngine to obtain high-quality dermoscopic images. MoleScope can be utilized in a wide variety of iPhone and Android smartphone and tablet models, allowing for easy and portable dermoscopic imaging power. MoleScope and DermEngine are seamlessly connected through a dedicated mobile app that allows for the transfer of real-time data and in-depth image analysis anytime, anywhere.

DermEngine’s compliance to the RACGP
DermEngine is compliant to the principles and recommendations stated by the RACGP standards. The software has been designed to be inclusive of all data collection, handling and protection as advised by this body, while ensuring adherence to communication and information security requirements.

The application of RACGP principles to DermEngine features also guarantees the accurate and on-time collaboration between MetaOptima Technology Inc. and GPs who utilize the platform, thus ensuring a continuous improvement of the practical applications offered by the software, as a result of overcoming everyday needs and barriers experienced in the practice.

Meet our team
Our MetaOptima Australia team will be present throughout the duration of the course; here they will be pleased to introduce you to our DermEngine platform and provide you with a free demo tailored to how our products best fit your professional needs.


Mr. Peter Birch - Country Manager AU/NZ
Peter is MetaOptima’s ambassador in Australia and New Zealand. His extensive experience in the healthcare field within the Australiasian market as well as overseas has allowed him to passionately carry the flagship of the company across dermatology clinics and enterprises throughout the country to accomplish its mission of facilitating faster and more accurate care for a wider number of patients. Connect with him for all the details about the power of DermEngine to streamline your practice.


Ms. Michelle Menzies - Client Success Executive AU/NZ
Michelle is a professional melanographer with vast experience in total body photography for the early detection of melanoma and other conditions of the skin. She combines a solid medical background with her profound care for the well-being of patients. As a Client Success Executive she is able to leverage both these areas in order to equip doctors with the latest technology available in DermEngine to seamlessly provide high-quality health care optimized for their unique practice settings.

Who is MetaOptima?
MetaOptima is a fast-growing digital health company based in Vancouver, Canada that strives to empower people with advanced technologies to lead a healthier and happier life. Founded in 2012, our company is dedicated to revolutionizing the dermatology and skin care industry with advanced, effective, affordable and intelligent tools.

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