International Certificate of Dermatoscopy and Skin Cancer Medicine in Oxford

by The DermEngine Team on Oct 26, 2018

MetaOptima is excited to announce its sponsorship of the International Certificate of Dermatoscopy and Skin Cancer Medicine event held October 27th-28th in Oxford, UK. As part of this initiative, we are excited to announce that every member will be receiving a complimentary 1-year subscription to DermEngine (intelligent dermatology software) and a free MoleScope II (mobile dermatoscope)!

1. Taking you from zero to hero in dermatoscopy
This weekend, over 150 dermatologists, skin cancer experts, dermoscopists, and other medical professionals will be attending this fully accredited and interactive dermoscopy symposium led by world-class industry experts. Designed to be suitable for both beginners and intermediates in dermoscopy, this is an excellent opportunity to provide medical professionals with valuable knowledge that can be immediately applied to the early detection of skin cancer and other conditions.

Dermoscopy Weekend Oxford Brookes University

2. The importance of dermatoscopy for primary care physicians
Studies show that 51% of dermatology cases are first (and sometimes only) reviewed by a primary care physician rather than a dermatologist or expert.1 This is especially alarming, as the survival rates of melanoma and other skin conditions are intrinsically linked to their early detection. Since dermoscopy is shown to increase diagnostic accuracy of skin cancer detection by as much as 35%, this symposium serves as a key opportunity to equip medical professionals with valuable skills with a great potential to save patient lives.2

3. Empowering healthcare experts with advanced dermatoscopy tools
MetaOptima’s vision is to empower healthcare professionals with the latest and most intelligent tools in dermoscopy for optimized workflows, and patient outcomes. As part of this initiative, the company has developed DermEngine, its intelligent dermatology software. Equipped with total body photography, teledermatology and clinical analytics tools, this platform is specifically designed to offer skin care professionals the latest technological advances to support clinical decisions. Building on this concept, the mobile dermatoscope, MoleScope II, is designed to work seamlessly with DermEngine to produce high-quality dermoscopic imaging for improved diagnoses. 

To learn more about MetaOptima’s initiatives and previous events, please follow the links below!

-The MetaOptima Team

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