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by The DermEngine Team on Sep 27, 2018

From September 26th-29th MetaOptima's certified distributor, Inpharamo will be attending the 10th annual conference of the Mexican Society of Dermatological and Ontological Surgery in Guadalajara! 1 Our first time attending an event in Mexico, we are confident that this will serve as an excellent opportunity to expand the reach of MoleScope II and DermEngine while discussing how intelligent dermoscopy tools can support practices around the globe.

MetaOptima at the Mexican Society of Dermatological & Ontological Surgery
Recognized as a keystone annual dermatology event in Mexico, we are confident that Inpharamo will exceed expectations in sharing how advanced innovations like mobile dermoscopy and artificial intelligence in dermatology
are advancing the fields of digital health for both patients and doctors alike. Spanning over the course of four full days of scientific sessions, talks, and meetings, there will be no shortage of opportunities for networking, learning, and sharing information!

MetaOptima's Distributor Inpharamo attending the Congresso Bienal de SMCDO

SMCDO is a medical society composed of dermatologists that aims to study, teach, research and disseminate skin surgery and oncology. Located within a hub of dermatology and dermoscopy innovation and scientific discussion, Inpharamo is excited for the opportunity to discuss the role DermEngine and MoleScope can play in optimizing workflows, increasing patient access, and supporting clinical decisions:

MoleScope: A smartphone-attachable dermatoscope used to capture high-quality images of moles and help users track changes over time with the free associated app and stay engaged in their care plan. The device is capable of producing medical-grade quality pictures — the new standard of care in skin cancer diagnosis and management.

DermEngine: An intelligent dermatology software to assist in the imaging, documenting, communicating and diagnosing of skin conditions that works seamlessly with MoleScope and other dermoscopy tools on the market. DermEngine provides quick and efficient mobile, tablet and web access to images, clinical notes and pathology reports via cross-platform accessibility for ultimate convenience.

As MetaOptima continues to expand, we look forward to the opportunity to expand our reach around the world while learning how our dermatology EMR software and mobile dermoscope can support physicians in providing accessible, affordable, high quality care to their patients!

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 -The MetaOptima Team

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