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by The DermEngine Team on Mar 1, 2019

MetaOptima’s team is currently in Washington DC for the annual American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) conference running from March 1st-3rd. Visit us on booth #4320 to take a look at some of the most advanced technology tools in dermatology.

DermEngine and the revolution of efficiency and quality in care practices
DermEngine, MetaOptima’s proprietary platform, is the most advanced dermatology software for the imaging, documentation and analysis of skin-related conditions, including skin cancer. This software brings revolutionary technology for the improvement of workflows in daily practices, with special emphasis in efficiency and quality as a means to keep bringing dermatology forward. As part of this initiative, DermEngine’s latest features released include updates to Total Body Photography capabilities and Smart Snap.

Total Body Photography
DermEngine is able to perform Total Body Photography with ease, allowing for increased efficiency and quality in the large-scale diagnosis of skin conditions, improving the accuracy in cancer early detection. Images of whole body sections can now be obtained for all body arts, followed by analysis with improved versions of mole mapping and mole matching features allowing for a more accurate spot location on an optimized 3D body map. Similarly, the system will allow to conveniently colour-code identified spots with respect to degree of change.

Smart Snap
As the newest addition to the intelligent features in DermEngine, Smart Snap takes advantage of serial imaging in order to make evidence-based suggestions of what the nature and identity of a spot is. This tool is particularly useful when doing a follow-up examination of a patient’s previously annotated spots, where the analysis through a dedicated algorithm is able to assign the image that corresponds to each spot.

News from our team on the ground
As part of the daily round of conversations and live-demo sessions that Maryam, Majid, Manoel, Jodi, Natalie, Mandy and Aaron are currently offering on-site, they have been able to share two of MetaOptima’s most exciting projects.

MoleScope III
A highly anticipated development, this new device is the latest addition to the MoleScope series produced by the company. MoleScope III is not quite like any other mobile dermoscope seen before in the market. Not only is it the first one of its kind to produce edge to edge images, but also it is equipped with wireless connectivity for lighting mode and intensity adjustments, features that can be independently controlled through a dedicated mobile application.

DermDrone is the technological solution for the fully automation of Total Body Photography image acquisition procedures. Total Body Photography offers the skin screening method that contributes to the early detection of a large number of skin cancer cases, and DermDrone takes advantage of a revolutionary imaging technology to bring efficiency during in-clinic visits. A fully independent and remotely-controlled drone recognizes the areas to image as it flies its way around the patient to capture as many images as necessary to create a 3D map of the moles present on the patient’s body. The procedure is optimized and automated allowing to efficient and conveniently produce the imagery needed for a Total Body Photography analysis in minutes, relieving dermatologists from time-consuming methods and costly equipment.
 MetaOptima MoleScope III and DermDrone

As our Team continues to interact with health professionals of different backgrounds at AAD 2019, we encourage you to visit booth #4320 for a chance to experience all the novel tools and products from MetaOptima.

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